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Modular FRP Cooling Towers

Dew Pond offers a range of robust modular FRP cooling towers with custom fill pack options. Easiest to install, a single cell can handle water flow rate up to 350 CMH. Material of construction being FRP, these towers are extremely durable, with some of our installations comfortably running over a period of 20 years.


  • Available in counterflow configuration
  • Factory assembled cooling towers
  • Can handle flow rates from 0.8 cmh to 500 cmh of water
  • Dual fill-pack options can be provided film type and splash type
  • Eliminate downtime for replacement of driveshaft bushes and Gearbox servicing with our direct driven fan
  • Customizable material of construction like FRP, MSHDG, SS304 and Pultruded FRP to suit multiple environments and water pH
  • Energy efficient fan assembly with VFD suitable motor
  • Optional FRP basin
  • Multiple cell configuration for larger flow rates.
  • Can be used in conjunction with natural draught cooling towers as stage 2 for high temperature applications.

When should I repair or replace my modular cooling tower ?

  • Improper water distribution: Most common issue which arises due to choking of fills or nozzles.
  • High drift loss: Arises due to damaged drift eliminators, to be attended on priority to avoid water loss
  • Sudden rise in approach of cooling tower: Whenever there is a rise in approach at the same WBT, the cooling tower is not working at its design capabilities and needs assessment

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